Woman to Woman

                                        Reaching Muslim Women with the Good News
Like many women in the Church, Joy Loewen didn't fully understand Muslim women or their roles in the Muslim culture and religion. In fact, she was afraid of them and not particularly interested in befriending them. But with prayer, wisdom, and a lot of love, Joy overcame these obstacles, found that she actually liked them, and that many of these women are irresistibly attracted to the love of Jesus. For the last thirty years she has used this knowledge to build authentic connections with Muslim women, reaching out to them in a sensitive, effective way.

In this practical and very personal book, Joy shares not only her insights into befriending Muslim women, but many helpful stories for her own experiences. Her goal is to help readers "move from fear to love and compassion" so that they, too, can love as Christ does. Woman to Woman is essential reading for Christian leaders, ministries, and any layperson who wants to grow in love and understanding of Muslims.

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Van vrouw tot vrouw, Een moslimvrienden over Jezus vertellen
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Who has been buying or reading Woman to Woman?
  • a couple who raises goats which Muslims buy. They want to understand their customers
  • guys for their girlfriends, men for their wives, or simply interested men
  • a non-Christian hairdresser because Muslim women frequent her salon
  • a non-Christian university professor
  • Muslim women and teenagers
  • church librarians, Bible school librarians
  • Christian women married to Muslim men
  • Christians preparing to go overseas for Muslim ministry
  • teachers in the public schools to understand their students' families better
  • ESL/EAL teachers
  • Bible school students
  • missionaries/tentmakers/unversity campus workers
  • mission mobilizers
  • curious housewives
  • pastors
  • Muslim Background Believers
  • Hutterite women