Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Do you understand what a ‘rule’ is? When you were growing up were there a lot of rules in your home? Were there more rules for girls than boys? What were some of the rules in your home? What happened if you broke a rule? If your brothers broke rules what happened to them? What rules did you find difficult to obey? Who was more strict: mother or father? (Share about your childhood rules at home – and rules you enforce in your family today such as a curfew for teens, what can be watched on TV or internet, what food can’t be eaten often, etc.)

Were there a lot of rules in your schools? Do you ever remember breaking a rule at school? What happened? (Share the same for yourself). Did you feel ashamed? Angry?

Do you feel there are a lot of rules in your religion? Who made all those rules? Are there more rules for women than men? What happens if you break a rule in your religion? Do you like rules? What do you think the purpose of rules is? Should be? Do people enforce rules in your country using fear?

We have rules in our country, too. Let’s talk about some of those rules.

Some rules are made by man and some by God. God gave us ten very important rules. Would you like to hear what those rules are? (If she agrees, have her read or you share about the ten commandments from Exodus 20: 1-17. She will find them interesting and good. Perhaps write each rule out very simply and briefly in one sentence each). Let’s go over what each rule means. Which rule do you think is the hardest one to obey? Who gave the rules: God or Moses(Musa)? Do you think it is important to know the difference? Do you think anyone can obey all those rules all the time? They are simply guidance but there is no power in them to obey them perfectly. (At this point it is probably enough to stress the matter of God’s ten rules and that they are good. More can be said later).