Monday, May 3, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Share about each other's childhood with your friend.
Happy or sad? Lots of toys? Many friends? Difficult childhood? Were you shy or talkative? Lived in one place or many – in a city or village? Did you like to read books – what kinds of books? Were you a tomboy? Did you have a pet name? Raised to be independent or dependent?

Whom did you feel closest to growing up – mother or father or grandparents?

Were you ever punished as a child? For what? Did you get spankings? Share your own experiences.

Did you get praise from your parents? A lot of affection? Did you work hard as a child? What kind of work did you do? Did your mother teach you how to cook?

Do you think childhood memories affect us as adults? What is your happiest memory? Your earliest memory? Compare the lives of children who are raised in war zones and peaceful places. Who do you think turns out stronger?

Share childhood photos.

Discuss the difference between being child-like(trust, simplicity, humility, sincerity quick to forgive) and being childish(self-centered, easily angered, talks back).

God says we should become like children if we want to enter heaven. What do you think He means by that?