Friday, May 28, 2010

Make a Wish

It’s not often we invite a group of Muslims to our home for a meal. We prefer inviting one family because, generally speaking, the possibility for spiritual interaction is greater away from the monitoring of other Muslims present. But this time we decided to invite a group. It was no special occasion. The men ate upstairs in the dining room and we women and children ate downstairs in the basement. It was inconvenient for serving but they seemed happy and free that way. While we were eating downstairs Khurshid started crying because she was having a lot of pain from her debilitating disease. We gathered around her and I asked if I could pray for her. It was a precious time and came about naturally. While this was going on downstairs a lively discussion was going on upstairs among the men. A Christian man was sharing how he had once been wealthy but left his job and decided to become like a pastor. This interested the Muslim men very much as they were in hot pursuit of earning as much money as possible. Then we all gathered, men, women and children, together downstairs for dessert. It was a fun time. One of the Muslim ladies brought a cake and candles for the children to sing happy birthday – even though nobody was having a birthday. To her it was party time! She was so happy to be invited to a home. We sat around chatting and I got the idea why not go around and each say a wish we had. After all when we blow out candles on a cake we often say, “Make a wish.” Well, why not? Never did I imagine what would happen after that. One by one each stated a wish. I thought they would say something like I want a big house or travel to such and such a country. No, they stated serious wishes like I would like to know why I am on earth. Or I wish my wife could be healed so she could walk and run normal. We stopped again and prayed for the woman. God graced our home that evening with a strong sense of His presence and joy. I wish they all would accept Jesus Christ as Savior.