Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Young Moms

Charlene first met Safia at the Drop In Center at their children’s elementary school. It was where Safia found an opportunity to socialize with other moms. She didn’t go anywhere else by herself. She felt lonely. After a few months of chatting in the Center, Charlene got the nerve up and asked if she could come visit her at her home and exchanged phone numbers. Safia was delighted.

Charlene was nervous driving over to Safia’s home the first time. She didn’t know what to expect. What would she talk about? Safia wanted to know her birth date and talk about horoscopes. This wasn’t Charlene’s comfort zone. She didn’t know how to respond to her obvious interest in the paranormal. Then Safia abruptly started sharing her opinions about Israel and Palestine. Anger was evident in her voice and Charlene didn’t know how to handle that subject so quickly turned it to something more enjoyable like their weddings. Soon afterwards visits turned into inviting each other’s families over for meals. Now it was Safia’s turn to feel like she was not in her comfort zone. The presence of Charlene’s dog in the house disturbed Safia until the dog was put in another room with the door shut. She kept saying to Charlene, “Dogs are dirty.”

Each of the young moms have much in common but also have had to take courage to step out of their comfort zones. For Charlene it’s hard for her to know what to talk about that won’t be politically or religiously charged beyond her capability to manage. Whereas for Safia she wants to make sure the food being served is halal and that the dog is not around her. It seems young children have a way of breaking the ice to make everyone feel comfortable. When Charlene visits Safia’s home she tries to give attention to the children and they love it. Two year old Rahima loves brushing through Charlene’s thick hair. Charlene is taking intentional steps to reach out to Safia by being an aroma for Christ. She doesn’t yet feel sure of herself talking about faith issues. She acknowledges she feels inadequate and has fears about such conversations. And Safia doesn’t feel free enough yet to explore the spiritual questions lurking in her mind.

Perhaps you are a young mom and have met a Muslim mom at a park, play group or library. Maybe the Holy Spirit is nudging you to take courageous initiative to exchange phone numbers like Charlene did. Sure, you might not know what to talk about but God will be with you and help you step by step. If you feel uncertain of what to talk about you can get some ideas from checking out Conversation Ideas on this blog. Be a life-giving perfume for Jesus! The time will come when faith issues can be addressed comfortably and naturally for both Muslim and Christian moms.