Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spiritual Attacks

“Be careful! Watch out for attacks from the Devil, your great enemy. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for some victim to devour.” I Peter 5:8

The phone calls came many times day and night from Ahmed. They grew increasingly perverse and obscene. We blocked the phone calls but then he would call from a pay phone. One day he came to our home. He looked dangerous and I had a hard time recognizing him. Thankfully my husband was at home. One night the disturbed man made an anonymous call to the police that we were storing the dead body of someone at our house. When I returned home I was shocked to hear my husband's story that three police had come to check our entire house. The police asked if my husband could guess who might have made the call so he told them. The sick man was soon put in the hospital. But even then he called from a hospital phone and we had to get that stopped, too. I was emotionally exhausted from months of this stalking by phone. It was a spiritual attack as Satan used this to distract me and wear me down in ministry. Praise God, I recognized it as a spiritual attack and found strength to keep going. It was most encouraging to see the man eventually healed.

Every time I visited a certain high class home the four year old daughter, Fatima, would go to the top of the stairs and yell loudly the entire visit, “GO HOME!” She became hysterical, making visits difficult if not nearly impossible. Finally one day I could stand it no longer. I shared the situation at prayer meeting. We asked God to bind up those awful words and bring peace. I never heard them after that.

I have walked through many spiritual attacks in nearly four decades of ministry.  The attacks have come from Muslims,  believers from Muslim background, brothers or sisters in the Church or from leadership. Battles have also taken place within my sinful nature where Satan knows I am weakest. Attacks can be directed to the mind, body, marriage, children, or grandchildren. Satan prowls around looking for someone to destroy. He does not want the name of Jesus to be lifted up and honored. He does not want Muslims to discover the truth and grace found in Jesus Christ. Wise is the Christian woman in ministry among Muslims who recognizes this fact, stands firms and does not give up but keeps a clear mind, and finds power in the name of Jesus to resist Satan and his tactics. Not everyone at church will understand what spiritual attacks are all about. It can be lonely and feel helpless not being understood or supported. Many western white Christians can not identify with what is involved in Muslim ministry. We wrestle with a lot in the heavenly realms!  But be assured. There will be someone for sure whom God has prepared. So ask God to send you that prepared Christian brother or sister who has been given spiritual perception and will hold you up in prayer. You will make it, my friend! God will surely restore you and fight on your behalf for the honor of His name and even do some amazing miracles. I would not know sweet victories if there had never been any battles.

Dear heavenly Father, someone reading this has been weakened by spiritual attack. Please come to her rescue. In Jesus’ name, Amen.