Saturday, February 2, 2019

Help - I Need Wisdom!

“For the Lord grants wisdom! From his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6

I was studying the Bible bi-weekly with a secular Muslim woman for eight months at her request. However, it appeared she was primarily interested in comparing religions, not thirsting for God. I agonized what I should do. Should I continue or stop? How do I go about it?

Aliya had IVF done. Later she called me what she should do with the frozen eggs. How should I respond?

Once we invited a family over for supper. It appeared that my mp3 player went missing. I had noticed the teenager playing with it. Should I talk to him about it or not?

Hawa disclosed her sexual abuse perpetrated by a family member. I knew both of them. What should I do? How should the conversation be approached?

Farahea was determined to leave her country and her family secretively without their knowing. What words of wisdom could I give her?

Farzana has a severe case of hoarding and received an eviction notice from management. If I sorted through her belongings would it really help her? How does one deal with a hoarder being evicted?

Hussein ran out of money and needed a place to stay. Should we open our home to him?

Mohammed seems too inquisitive about which other Muslims I know. How do I respond to his questions which make me feel like he might be a spy for the mosque?

Would it be appropriate to take a photo of Amal? Would her husband be upset? What do I do with the secret she told me?

Fatima relayed a dream she had. Was there spiritual interpretation to it or should it be dismissed?

Nobody should embark in Muslim ministry without a thirst for wisdom, understanding and insight. It is easy to make mistakes, have regrets, cause damage or hurt people. Wisdom is needed for: implementing boundaries in relationships, gift giving, loaning money, what to cook for Muslim guests, wear, say, or do at cultural events, how to counsel Muslims with problems, what to do when lied to, whether to let a Muslim guest say their prayers in our home, for living in dangerous environments, evacuation possibilities, for verbal and written sensitive communication when security is an issue, how to stay ministry focused, what to do with prophetic words received, and how to best answer Muslims' theological questions and objections.  The list could go on and on. Everyone needs wisdom but the person involved with Muslims or believers especially needs an abundance of it because we are faced with new cultural dynamics or spiritually desperate situations. Sometimes there is no one around to consult. There is no manual to check out. Praise God we can inquire of the Holy Spirit. He has promised to give wisdom to us generously. Years earlier I relied on analyzing situations more than receiving wisdom from God. Analyzing too much can become a bondage in our lives.

Proverbs 2:1-7 instructs me with phrases like: tune your ears to wisdom – concentrate on understanding – cry out for insight – search for them. God has not disappointed me. Needing wisdom is at the top of my prayer list.

Dear heavenly Father, I’d be completely lost without your promise of receiving wisdom. What a gift you give me. Thanks!