Monday, November 7, 2011

A Muslim Woman's Journey

“Just as you can hear the wind but can't tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can't explain how people are born of the Spirit."  John 3:8

I've known Khurshid for two years but I can’t tell you when evangelism or discipleship began. When I started visiting Khurshid she was a devoted Muslim saying her prescribed prayers and reading the Qur’an faithfully. As we conversed I shared stories from the Bible. Often she would tell me a current struggle and I’d pray for her. She was “reading” me for quite a long time trying to figure out if I was safe or good. At one point I gave her a Bible in her language. I would direct her to certain chapters which she would read. We’d talk about them. One thing comes up continually: the attributes of Jehovah God. I have tried to lay a Biblical foundation of Jehovah God’s attributes from day one. Allah’s attributes can be quite different. Soon it developed to praying for her on every visit. She was discovering that Christian praying was considerably different than saying nimaz. One day she decided to quit doing her nimaz and pray like me. At that point she hadn’t professed out loud to me that Christ was her Savior. How should I go about this? Well, she dove into praying rocking softly back and forth on the carpet with her hands raised. It was going from “Hazarat Isa” to “Savior” and soon I heard “in Isa’s name.” Now she is actually starting her prayers with “Father in heaven”. Khurshid has had many sleepless nights of confusion. She would get up and open the Qur’an at random and put her finger on a verse looking for direction. But that didn’t give her peace. So she began reading the Bible more. She’d have dreams and look for the meaning of them in the Qur’an. That didn’t help. I had to help her see that the Christian life is walking by faith not by dreams and their interpretations. She has been absorbing a lot of new information from going through the Bible. For example, there’s the history of the Jews. She was shocked that Abraham, David, Daniel etc. were not Muslims but Jews. “But Jews are bad. They are God’s enemies,” she stated confused. There has been a lot to correct of teaching she received being raised a Muslim. There are times when Khurshid declares she is a follower of Isa and everything seems clear but then she will ask again how Isa can be God in the flesh or reveal her confusion about the doctrine of the Trinity.

The Holy Spirit is at work in Khurshid’s life. Her soul  is opening up more and more towards her Savior. I picture the process of a rose bud opening up. There are many stages to walk through.  For more understanding of a Muslim woman's journey check out: I Against My Brother

Dear heavenly Father,  You surely help Muslim women on their difficult spiritual quest for truth. In Jesus' name, Amen.