Monday, November 30, 2015

Giving Christmas Cards

“So the Word became human and lived here on earth among us…..” John 1: 14a

Do you have a Muslim friend and wonder what you should give her for Christmas and wish you could share about Jesus but don’t know where to begin or how to go about it?

Christmas season is an excellent time to introduce conversation with your Muslim friend about Jesus if you have never discussed anything before. One of the most overlooked ways is to give her a Christmas card which has Scripture verses in it. I try to pick cards which refer to Jesus as Savior so I will have a chance to converse about that truth. The concept of a Savior to save us from our sins is foreign to Muslims. Most of them are delighted to receive a religious Christmas card. Muslims love calligraphy and poetry or sayings. Bright festive cards are enjoyed.  One Christmas I gave all my Muslim friends a card in a picture frame. The front of the card consisted of just beautiful words graced with a gold border. It became both their card and gift. My favorite card I have given over the years was from Guideposts Christmas Greetings(called the Nativity Booklet 2008) which opened up to four panels and had a beautiful painting of the nativity scene. On the back of one panel was a Christmas carol and on another panel was Luke 2: 8-16. I urged my friends to read the verses out loud and then went over any new words or concepts. Being free spirited I sang the carol to some of them, too.

I have been surprised how many of my Muslim friends have kept a collection of all my Christmas cards, sometimes displaying them in their offices or homes for weeks. It’s been interesting to observe over the years that often a beautiful religious card is valued more than a gift. You’d be surprised how much of the Good News can be shared simply by a Christmas card. One year my husband glued the painting of the nativity scene from a  card on light wood and attached a string to hang it. He took them to his ESL class at the immigration center when they had their Christmas Santa Claus party and offered them to anyone who would like one. Surprisingly the Muslim students grabbed them first. Fatima still has that home made plaque which Ed made from that card in her living room eight years later.  It remains there every day year round!

Never underestimate the significance of a Christmas card which is beautifully crafted and includes the Good News message. It is such a little thing but often has a profound response. I do have some Muslim friends who are very conservative and resistant to the Gospel whom I know will not appreciate receiving a religious Christmas card so they receive Happy New Year cards after Christmas instead. There are beautiful ones which include prayers of blessings. 

Your Muslim friend may not be willing to go to a Christmas event at church but may you experience the joy of giving her a choice Christmas card and receive an opportunity to explain the reason for the season.

Dear heavenly Father, please use the Christmas cards we give our Muslim friends in a powerful way for Your glory.  In Jesus’name, Amen.