Thursday, April 7, 2016

Freedom for the Oppressed

“…Then Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the Devil, for God was with him.” Acts 10:38b

Suddenly I found myself sitting with Hawa, a beautiful young follower of Jesus Christ, in Emergency Care at the hospital. She looked oppressed. She was convinced she was dying. She urgently shared her wish to have a Christian funeral, not be buried in a Muslim graveyard and to have her children cared for by Christians, not Muslims. Three times she had dreamt that she was going to die and a missionary woman came and told her something. So, she decided to call me to come since I am a missionary woman. She said, “No one can know if they will go to heaven – not a Muslim or a Christian, only God.” The message to be given was to assure her that when she died she could be certain about going to heaven because Jesus takes His followers there safely and with authority. She became peaceful and looked considerably transformed having received words of assurance by the time we left Emergency eight hours later. An oppression had been lifted.

Azizeh, another follower of Jesus Christ, was battling panic attacks and went to Emergency Care. Her husband was unsympathetic and taunting towards her emotional weakness. I went to look for her there. Scanning the full room I noticed a woman with her head bowed low. She was a picture of dejection and oppression. I placed a hand on her and called her name. She jolted and looked up. “Oh, Joy, I thought that was the hand of Jesus,” she cried. I could tell Satan had been troubling her. She needed release from the heavy black cloud resting on her.

 Amal called me from her Emergency Care bed. She was deeply oppressed. We talked about her sexual abuse. She felt physically sick from memories that had been suppressed and now were rushing to the surface.

Over the past three decades I have come across very many Muslim women and believers from Muslim background who have been oppressed spiritually. How my heart aches for them. Praying for oppressed Muslim women has become a major part of my ministry.  Often evil spirits are bothering them or they have symptoms from psychological trauma which make them feel oppressed. While doctors treat the physical symptoms with x-rays, tests and pills, and there are some good counseling resources available, these women also need the Balm of Gilead applied to their invisible wounds of deep seated fears or emotional injuries. Our Great Physician came not only for the physically sick and sinners but also for the oppressed.

Ask God to bestow a spiritual gifting to you of being able to discern oppression and then offer words of hope, life, and freedom and pray for their healing. It is a sacred privilege to join the Holy Spirit in this ministry.

Dear heavenly Father, Thank You for the glorious and marvelous freedom You give from the awful weight of oppression we can experience.  In Jesus' name, Amen.