Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Journey

"…And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent?...” Romans 10: parts of 14-15

What will it normally look like when Christian women become aware of Muslim women? It can be likened to a journey. Our journey doesn’t always happen like this but very often it does:

Ears: First, we listen to the news or documentaries on TV. Frequently there is news about Muslims. The information is most often about radical Muslims and terrorism which frightens us and forms many impressions. We don’t know any Muslim woman personally.

Eyes: Suddenly we begin to notice the presence of Muslim women in our neighborhood, our university classes, in the workplace, on the bus, etc. Strange, we haven’t seen them before and now we do. Mostly we see head scarves – not real human beings yet.

Mind: We decide to check out more information about Islam and Muslims. We go on the internet or buy some books about the subject. So far, it is only a subject – not real human beings. If we read primarily alarmist type of websites or books more fear, prejudice, and resentment will grow. We look for the closest exit sign. But if we read things that will develop Christ-like compassion our journey will move on down to our heart.

Heart: Something mysteriously inexplicable starts stirring in our hearts. We begin to feel a compassion and start praying for them. A spiritual yearning develops in us to meet Muslim women. God notices our willingness and desire so He takes us further –

Feet: God says, “You see that Muslim woman on your street? I want to send you to her.” Now comes the big moment of decision. We move our feet her direction. Yes, we go to her. We take the initiative. We are not afraid of her for Love has dispelled fear.

Hands: “Well done! It’s okay to love her,” God whispers to us. We surprise ourselves that we actually went to her. Suddenly there’s an overwhelming urge to show her love in practical ways. That’s how love moves. There will be many cups of cold water given in Jesus’ name. Sometimes they will minister to our needs. That’s how friendship develops. It’s not a hierarchal relationship. They are no longer just a head scarf or a subject but real human beings. However, we sense something is missing and there is. The journey still is not complete.

Mouth: So far, we haven’t had the courage to share the Good News. We discover that our Muslim friend will not automatically know the transforming story of the cross by living in our western nation, or by seeing a cross on a church building, or by observing cross necklaces. No one has ever told her the true story. We know for sure that we will need help and power from the Holy Spirit to share the story. We pray fervently and surprise – He does help and empower us! We open our mouths and speak forth words of Life. Wow! The journey has been life altering.

Where are you on this journey?

Dear heavenly Father, You are on this journey with me. Thank you!