Friday, October 4, 2013

My Head Covering

“Put on salvation as your helmet…” Ephesians 6:17a

After I was born in Yemen a local woman sewed a bonnet and gave it to my mom for me to wear. Her belief was that jinn enter the soft spot of the head and must be protected. Well, it is true that our minds need to be protected from the strategies and tricks of Satan and evil spirits but the bonnet was helpless in that regard.

We hear a lot from our Muslim friends about the importance of the hijab, their head covering. The belief is that the head should be covered. They might not voice it but many believe that piece of cloth brings protection - maybe even have some effect or influence to help save them from hell and punishment or even help divert bad luck. Wearing it makes them feel like they are “good Muslim women”. When I lived in Somalia and Pakistan I covered my head with a scarf, duputta or chadar. They gave a measure of protection from the lustful eyes of men but they didn’t protect me from Satan or evil spirits. Nor did they save me from my sinful self. No, the scarf or chadar did not even touch selfish sinful desires in me. The cloth head covering did not have the power to transform me into a “good” person. Nor did the chadar assure me of receiving forgiveness or salvation or grant me a better chance to enter heaven. We need something else to save our soul.

There is something much greater and stronger and holier than some cloth. God has provided a helmet of salvation. Of course it is not a real tangible visible helmet but a spiritual provision which is found in a Person - not a piece of cloth. That Person is our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my salvation from the penalty of sin and judgment and also protection from the attacks of the devil. Our minds and souls are vulnerable! Satan is intent on attacking our minds because if our minds can be injured or damaged he will have won a major victory, and we a defeat. I’m so aware I need a spiritual head covering. I need Jesus to protect my mind. He is my head covering.

Today I was witnessing to a young Muslim lady while her brother sat near me designing a divination exercise to do on me. I needed a good helmet of salvation. Another time when I visited Fatima her 5 year old daughter yelled incessantly “GO HOME!” Once when I was visiting a Muslim lady her uncle was present and he spewed out cursive vile words at me the whole time. Then there have been the trying times I have come under suspicion and interrogation. Believe me, we need to wear the helmet of salvation at all times; both for initial salvation of our souls and for salvation from the on-going attacks from Satan which send forth their fiery arrows of discouragement, shock, confusion, fear and doubt.

Jesus Christ is my helmet of salvation, my head covering. Frequently we describe a Muslim woman who wears a hijab as “being covered”. We must be covered, too, but our covering is a Person, not a piece of cloth.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You we are saved, safe, and covered by Jesus our Savior. Amen.