Friday, November 1, 2013


"…for he(Isaac) said, “At last the Lord has created enough space for us to prosper in this land.”  Genesis 26: 22b
Have you ever been quenched in the spirit? I have been on a few occasions. It is painful and devastating and I plead for God’s help and comfort. Usually those times have revolved around talking about evangelism; especially about reaching out to Muslims. The biggest quenching took place in 1990.  Praise the Lord, I was able to see the bigger picture of Satan trying to silence me and close up the ministry.  We can conclude that if we are quenched in the spirit then ministry, calling and blessing are all lost.  No, not true! Each quenching time I have resolved to forgive and committed myself and the message I’ve wanted to give into God’s hands to work out according to His way and timing. I believe extending forgiveness has been the secret to God stepping in. What happened is that while the quenching was taking place outwardly the Spirit went deep down into my soul and began digging a spiritual artesian well and has been filling it up with living water for me to drink, but also for others to drink from, too. One day after I spoke at a conference I overheard two ladies whisper, “I think she’s got a lot more to say.” On another occasion a man came up to me and said, “I can see there is a deep well in you.”  The Spirit graciously allowed me to hear those comments to strengthen and reassure me that when there has been a quenching it’s not the end – actually it can be the beginning of the Spirit digging a new well. And when He does that He will find a way and a time for others to drink from it. 
I find Genesis 26: 12-25 a fascinating passage. Poor Isaac! He had a terrible time digging wells or reopening wells.  His enemies, who felt threatened or jealous, came and either claimed the wells for themselves or filled them up. That’s a good picture of spiritual quenching. He kept at it until finally he got a well that wasn’t fought over or filled up and named it Rehoboth, meaning open space. Finally he could operate in open space. That must have felt so liberating! No more confining or restricting.
When we get quenched we must not give up. We need to ask God for that “open space” where our gifting, calling, and vision can liberally be of use and spiritually prosper. He will lead us to new wells. He won’t abandon us to quenched wells. Rather, with joy we will draw water from His many wells of salvation. We can not give out to our Muslim friends if we live on and on in a state of being quenched. We are of not much use if our well is dry.  The artesian well at our hospital campus in Pakistan always overflows. That pure cool overflowing water has been vital for all the staff and patients. It has also been freely offered to villagers outside the gates. What a blessing that artesian well has been.
Dear heavenly Father, please dig a new well for a sister who feels quenched right now and create an “open space”. In Jesus’ name, Amen.