Sunday, March 1, 2015


“…God publicly endorsed Jesus of Nazareth by doing wonderful miracles, wonders and signs through him, as you well know.”  Acts 2: 22b

Ever wondered why kids are attracted to sparkling candles more than lit candles on a birthday cake? God not only shines but also sparkles like those candles. His mysterious supernatural signs and wonders and miracles are divine sparklers. I dare to ask God to not only shine but to show signs and wonders.  Recently Ed and I were awestruck by one of his sparklers.  So was the Muslim young lady it was meant for. We were strangers to each other but by God’s design we came together.  In about an hour’s time, in our living room, God produced a sign that rendered her shocked and speechless. We read Scripture and prayed after that to help her understand how God is the Master Designer of our lives. We are praying that the sign and wonder shown will now lead her on to discovering Jesus Christ.  Like Mary hearing the shepherds’ amazing story we are left to ponder over and store the sparkling mysteries in our hearts.  They have a way of endorsing and confirming Jesus to us.
Some Muslims are coming to Jesus Christ through amazing dreams and visions of Jesus or by experiencing a miracle, sign or wonder.  I once heard of a Muslim man being told in a dream to call an unknown phone number which he did. It happened to be the number of a stranger who was a Christian. By the end of his phone call he gave his heart to Jesus!  A Somali man got bored on the internet and went to sleep.  He was instructed by the Spirit of God to get up and google in Nolosha Cusub(Voice of New Life)which he had never heard of.  He did and found salvation in Christ.  A Muslim woman rose above her fear of reading the Word of God and discovered Whom salvation is found in.  The Spirit opened her eyes and gave her saving faith.  Believe me, that is a huge miracle – especially for a Muslim without having an accompanying dream or healing.

Sparklers of God’s glory may accompany pregnancy, a birth, take place in ministry, in sickness, and in dying. Even our suffering can become a means of showing a sign or wonder to others much like Jesus’ death on the cross was a sign to the captain of the Roman executioners in Luke 23:47. What did the captain see that convinced him that Jesus was innocent?  Muslims love to hear about the miracles, signs and wonders that Jesus performed.  How I love to make much of Him. I might say to my Muslim friend,  “Fatima, would you like to hear about a miracle Jesus performed?”  Signs and wonders and miracles God has performed in my own life are also shared.  But above all I stress that Jesus is the biggest miracle, sign and wonder – greater than every prophet, book, dream, or healing. He sparkles in glory and transcendence. Ministry is more than travelling, fund raising, visiting, training, corresponding, strategy and vision casting, and reporting. That sounds mundane to me.  So, I plead: Shine, Jesus, shine – and keep sparkling!
Dear heavenly Father, please let Your glory sparkle in my life.  In Jesus’ name,  Amen.