Thursday, August 6, 2015

Desire To Be Remembered

Remember this good deed, O my God, and do not forget all that I have faithfully done for the Temple of my God.   Nehemiah 13:14

It is the rare human being who does not care to be remembered. The memoirs of Nehemiah fascinate me; especially the verses about him begging God to remember the hard things he went through, the enemies he had to contend with, all that he invested in and did for God and so forth. Nehemiah yearned for God to remember him and his ministry; not only for his spiritual victories and successes but for the hard knocks he encountered. He just said it how he felt:  remember me.  Initially it appears self-seeking, as if everything was all about him rather than God.  However in reality it was not about him but about God.  He was not doing anything for himself. It was all for God. His memoirs are honest. I am not sure he wrote it for others as much as for himself. That is probably why he could repeatedly cry out to God to remember him and what he had done.
I desire for God to remember the efforts and the investment I have made to reach Muslim women for Christ. Some of those women do not seem to remember me today nor what I did for them. There have been tough times and individuals who opposed me and spread painful rumors, even letters and Bibles with our family photo returned. Once in Pakistan an opposer of the Truth bulldozed down five hundred feet of our wall. An enemy attempted unsuccessfully to kidnap my husband once.  Like Nehemiah I could list off victories but also what I have done and at times suffered in trying to point Muslim women to the Savior or to build a solid foundation of teaching in discipleship.

Perhaps the same cry echoes in your heart. Maybe a Muslim woman you befriended seems to have forgotten you now and all the kindnesses you showed her.  Or a woman who came to Christ is not even in contact with you now. It is possible that you feel forgotten by your supporting church. When you send out prayer information it feels like it is read and forgotten very quickly. You cry inwardly, does anyone remember me or what I have done for God?  Deep down you know that not many will remember you nor what you specifically did very well except God Himself.  When I make an honest evaluation I have to admit I often do not remember what other people did for me twenty, thirty years ago. I forget because of the development of new chapters in my life which have pushed former things to the back burner of my memory bank. Occasionally an awakening shock comes to me decades later of becoming aware of someone’s kindness towards me. It was not even a matter of remembering but lack of awareness.
It is okay…even cathartic to cry out to God remember me and what I have done for You.  Sure is better to beg God to remember than to nurture self-pity or bitterness and get depressed about it all.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You that You do remember!  That encourages and comforts me tremendously. In Jesus’ name, Amen.