Thursday, September 24, 2015

How Can I Meet Muslims?

As for Philip, an angel of the Lord said to him, “Go south, down the desert road”…so he did, and he met the treasurer of Ethiopia….The Holy Spirit said to Philip, “Go over and walk along beside the carriage.”  Philip ran over and heard the man reading… Acts 8: parts of 26-27, 29-30

The question I am most frequently asked by Christian women is:  how do you meet Muslim women?  Maybe you are wondering that yourself.  Compassion and desire and a little bit of trepidation are developing in your heart but you do not know how meeting them can fall in place. It is difficult for me to remember exactly how I have met Muslim women but in short the answer is: unplanned by me but planned by God.  I will give you some examples of where I have met some Muslim women:

At the Catholic Social Services – Community Barbecue event at the Salvation Army – in a hallway – conversing with the check-out clerk in grocery store – at our mailboxes – at a garage sale – at a friend’s house – at Muslim parties and functions I have been invited to – at an orientation tea for International Students at the International Center at university – as a result of being a host family for new grad students -  through my husband’s ESL school volunteering – going for a walk in a park – at refugee housing complex summer picnic – in a parking lot – in an office waiting room – saw a new neighbor move in – just knocked cold turkey on someone’s door to welcome her to my country – a Muslim woman contacted me – someone arranged for me to meet someone – in a church foyer…….

I am not part of a project or program.  However, my husband, is quite involved in different programs as a volunteer and has introduced many of his contacts to me. I do not meet them at the programs but outside of them. Sometimes I go to their homes and sometimes invite them to my home for tea. The most frequent way for me to meet Muslim women is when I visit a Muslim woman and her friend or neighbor drops by while I am there and we start chatting. She often asks me if I would come and visit her, too. And that leads to being invited to functions or parties where I will meet more. I do not follow up every woman I meet but wait on the Lord to sense His instructions. My problem is not being able to meet Muslim women but rather to discern who I should follow up. My life has been dedicated to God to befriend Muslim women and also to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them whenever possible.  God sends me to them.  For that to happen I spend time in prayer to hear from God which puts me in a state of watchful expectancy because the meeting could happen at any given place or time.  He knows exactly the person, the time, and the place. He has already been at work in that woman’s heart and connects us.
It is pretty exciting to follow the Lord around!

Dear heavenly Father, thanks for leading me and designing the meetings to fall in place. In Jesus’ name, Amen.