Monday, October 3, 2016

Random Act of Kindness

“…She(Tabitha)was always doing kind things for others and helping the poor.” Acts 9:36b

It all started with a very simple random act of kindness. Jill noticed her elderly Muslim neighbor, Shahla, having difficulty carrying out her garbage. She was prompted by the Holy Spirit to give Shahla a helping hand. From that point on various Christians from a church in an American town on the east coast began to visit her. Both youth and adults and even church leaders got involved raking the leaves from her many trees in her large yard and changing light bulbs. Shahla’s home had various electrical repair needs. One of the church’s community outreach teams spent a few hundred dollars to buy the necessary equipment and helped to repair them. The church got involved in removing trees and repairing the roof. Shahla’s children were far away and were not able to attend to many of her needs. She was visited often in hospital stays and some of the church folks would keep her children informed of how their mom was doing. Shahla would invite the helping church friends in for tea and cake. A trusted and loving relationship was established between Shahla and the Christians over the period of a few years. They also invited Shahla over for meals. When Christmas came a few of the church folks, accompanied by a flutist, sang Christmas carols to her in her home. They also took the time to explain the meaning of the carols to her. Shahla was becoming drawn to Jesus and the love that was being shown to her. God providentially provided Christians to manifest love in tangible ways and also to help explain God’s great love story in the Bible. Christians were able to get hold of the Jesus dvd in Shahla’s mother tongue. Shahla did not own a dvd player but some of the Christians took one over to her home and viewed it with her.

Over the years Shahla had dreams that Jesus would come to her when she was upset about things and reassure her. She understood more now about Jesus from the love that was being shown to her. Finally one day she verbalized and confessed that Jesus is her Savior.

What a beautiful true story of a community of Christians each playing an unique role in seeing Shahla come to know Jesus as her Savior. It all started with one simple random act of kindness. Imagine if every church community would have eyes to see Muslim neighbors and hearts to reach out to them in practical ways. May God’s love and glory spread across our globe by simple random acts of kindness.

Dear heavenly Father, bless Your children who reached out to Shahla. Thank-you for saving Shahla and helping her to understand the Good News. In Jesus' name. Amen.