Monday, April 26, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

This conversation is primarily for those who haven’t learned how to drive, although it can be adapted for those who have learned also. It is important for women to learn how to drive in our country. Discuss what difference it would make in her life is she would learn. Discuss if the majority of women in her country drive cars. Ask her what she thinks of women not being allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia. What is the reason behind that prohibition?

Would you like to learn how to drive a car? Do you feel ready to learn? Does your husband want you to learn how to drive? If she is afraid to learn how to drive you could talk about the fears she may be experiencing.

Share your story of learning how to drive: how old you were, whether you learned privately or through drivers education in school, how long it took and if you had any particular fears related to learning how to drive.

Take a drivers manual to your conversation practice time and go over some of the basic road signs. Go over the directions: north, south, east and west in English. Explain the process of getting a drivers license. Some people drive without a license and hope they won’t be caught. Explain the seriousness of that.

It’s important to know and follow directions when you are driving. Show her how a GPS device works and describe how it operates. If we won’t follow what it says we will get lost. Have you ever been lost? Sometimes people think they know the way better than the GPS but then they land up getting lost. The GPS is like a road map. In the same way I follow God’s map for finding my way through this life and knowing I will be able to go to heaven(jannah/jannat or firdaws). I want to know my way both while I’m here on earth but also all the way through the moment of death. Do you know for sure if you will go to heaven when you die? What does your book say about knowing how to be sure you will get to heaven safely? You could tell her about John 14:6 of Jesus being the way, various messages Jesus gave about ‘following Him’ or the certainty of being taken safely to heaven from I Peter 3: 18. (That last verse is more suitable for those further along in hearing the Good News.)