Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feeling Safe

Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Is your country a safe place to live? Do you feel safe here in the West? Would you rather live in a safe country or a free country? What country do you think is the most safe and the most dangerous? Can citizens buy guns easy?

There are natural disasters which can occur where people never know if they will be safe. Describe the following natural disasters:
Famine, volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, hurricanes, environmental disasters like oil spills. Does the government back in your country give warnings that a disaster is imminent? Does it make a difference or are people fatalistic that if Allah has decreed the disaster then there is nothing one can do? (She may refer to 'maktub/mak-toob' which mean 'it is written' or predestined. Discover her core belief in this perspective).

There are dangers also caused by people or technology such as crime, smoking, drugs, overeating, pollution, free sex, pornography, some cases of AIDS and corruption. Are any of these a problem in your(or our)country?

Do you feel like you can trust people in your country?(how about here?). How do people keep their houses safe? Guards, dogs, security system, high walls, neighbors check, locks, etc.

Sometimes people in our country go to psychics to reveal the unknown, or read horoscopes or get involved with astrology. They might wear a special necklace or ring believing it will protect them from harm. People get afraid of the unknown future and want to feel safe. Do people do those things in your country? They do these things because they are afraid and aren’t sure if God loves them and will protect them. Many women are afraid of jinn(like spirits). Have you ever been afraid of jinn? (You can share a story about Jesus having power/authority over demons if she is interested – or have her read Psalm 91 in her own language, if possible).