Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

I’m sure in all of our cities, whether here or in your country, we have fire departments which we call if there is a fire in our house, schools or offices. Talk about fire alarms in public places, fire hydrants, fire trucks, sirens, firemen, 911 emergency number and the fire department’s quick response to a call. If we are driving on the street, cars have to pull over to let a fire truck go through. See how many similarities there may be between your countries on this subject.

Do young boys aspire to become firemen when they grow up in your culture? Is it considered a noble profession? In the West a fireman is a hero type of figure because it is considered a dangerous job and they rescue people from fires. Is anyone in your family a fireman?

Share any experiences you both have had with fires. Many have fire insurance protection if they lose their house in a fire. How about in your country?

Let’s discuss some of the things that can cause fires: leaving candles untended, oil from cooking, not putting a cigarette out thoroughly, kids playing with matches, lack of rain and long hot weather, etc. Reinforce the need to put matches out of reach from children, watch our food on the stove, etc. Usually we have fire alarms in our homes to warn us if a fire has started. Sometimes people don’t like their loud noise and they cover them up or take the batteries out. (Find out if they do that and talk about the dangers of that). Did you have a fire alarm in your home in_______?

Our schools have trial fire drills to prepare the children in case of a real fire. Is this new for you?

If there would be a fire in your home what would be the first thing you would want to retrieve besides your children?

Fire can be dangerous but it can also be a wonderful thing. We love sitting beside a fireplace. We enjoy burning candles to make a room cozy or light it up. We love watching children blow out birthday candles. The Olympic torch is awesome because the flame doesn’t go out as it travels from place to place. Many people like to make a camp fire and cook over it.

Sing the chorus “This Little Light of Mine, I’m Going to Let it Shine” with the actions.

You could show your friend different kinds of candles either from a book or real ones. They could be scented or unscented, different sizes, including votives, ones that float on water, birthday candles where you blow out the flame and they come back on, emergency candles, and battery operated candles that have a fake flame. Give her a gift of a candle.

Fire gets our attention either because of its beauty or danger. We don’t ignore a fire. (Tell/read the story of Moses and the burning bush in Genesis 3: 1-6. God got Moses’ attention.) Share with each other how God has gotten your attention in various ways.