Friday, April 23, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Do you like flowers a lot? (Perhaps look over a book or a calendar that has photos of flowers and discuss the names of different flowers.) What is your favorite one? What is the national flower of your country?

Do you plant flowers around your house or on your apartment balcony? In your country do women garden themselves or hire a gardener?

Talk about public gardens in both of your countries. (You could visit a flower garden together). It’s amazing how God has made such beautiful variety. He loves beauty and He wants us to enjoy His beauty. In your country are flowers sold in the open market or in florist shops? Are the flowers imported or grown locally? Do you often have fresh flowers in your living room?

What do flowers express to you? Love, care, gratitude, sympathy, etc. Has anyone ever given you flowers as a gift? Does your husband give you flowers? What kind? Are there certain colors of flowers that are given just at a funeral time or wedding time? Do yellow flowers indicate something? How about white? Red?

Do you like silk flowers? We have stores that sell silk flowers or flower arrangements. They are very expensive. Do you like artificial flowers or prefer real flowers?

We have a saying in English: “stop and smell the roses”. That means don’t get too busy. We need to stop and take pleasure in the simple pleasures of life. We just keep working, working, working(or studying). Do you ever feel that you need to “stop and smell the roses”?

Are there female names in your language that are names of flowers like: Rose, Lily, Violet, Jasmin, etc? In the Bible Isa Al Masih is sometimes described as the Rose of Sharon or the Lily of the Valley because His beauty is so precious. (You can discuss what you find beautiful about Jesus).

Bring your friend either a silk flower or real flower to surprise her. (You could read Matthew 6:30 to show her how much God cares for her).