Saturday, April 10, 2010


What kinds of needs do you have? (food, water, clothes, home, job, speak English in western world, love, peace, friends, kind husband if married, children, money, God, sun and moon, sleep, a phone or computer, exercise, safety, freedom, health, doctors, education, etc.)

What is your biggest need? Your second biggest and third biggest need?

What needs does your child have? What is his biggest need? Second and third biggest need? Do you think your child’s needs are more or less than your needs? Is it important to you that your child needs you? What does your child need you for?

What does your family in your homeland need? Who has more needs: you or your family back home?

Do you think people here(in the West) have many needs? What kinds of needs?

Do you think people here need God? Why or why not? How about in your country? Tell me about a time you needed God badly. What happened? (You can share how you need God and for what or how He has meet a real need of yours).

You could share a story from the Old Testament when the Israelites forgot God because they were enjoying a new country, homes, plenty of food, etc. and how God felt about them not needing Him like when they were in the desert for 40 years.