Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

What does your name mean? What do your children’s names mean? Share the meaning of your name. Share your favorite boys and girls names. Did you have a nick name(pet name) growing up? Share endearing names from both of your cultures that husbands and wives call each other like sweetie, dear, darling, honey, etc. In Arabic women are sometimes called ‘the mother of Ahmed(first born son)’ (If she is an Arab ask her how she feels about that.)

At marriage does the woman in your country take the man’s name? Do you think the wife should give up her family name? Why or why not?

Do you call older or younger brothers and sisters by titles or by their names? How about your leaders or teachers? Let her share the various titles.

Does anybody ever change his/her name? Why would someone change his/her name? What is the procedure?

Discuss the meanings of the names of your respective countries.

Muslims say Allah has 99 names. Talk about Muslim prayer beads which have 99 beads and each stands for a name for Allah and how they are used. Have her demonstrate how she uses the prayer beads. What is your favorite name for Allah? Talk about different names of God in the Bible(Good Shepherd, Morning Star, Prince of Peace, Counsellor, Wonderful, Elohim, Everlasting Father, etc.) and their meanings. Share your favorite name for God. Encourage her that God knows her by name and that He has ‘written her name on His hand’ according to Isaiah 49:15 – like a beautiful henna design. Have her write her name for you in her language and then ask her to write your name in her language.