Friday, April 2, 2010


( Share what TV programs you both like to watch.) How much can you understand of our English programs? What have you discovered about our culture from watching TV? How is TV different in your country?

Many newcomers to our country like to watch satellite TV programs from their part of the world. (If she has a satellite dish, ask her what programs she watches and from which countries. Perhaps view some program on her satellite TV together). How popular are satellite dishes in your country?

Do you watch movies often? What kind of movies do you like? Do you go to movie theatres?

Do you know what a talk show is? Do you ever watch them? What do you think about them? Are there talk shows like these in your country? (You can talk about how people don’t feel shame talking about problems or sins publicly in the West. All over the world people have the same problems/sins but some cultures cover them up because shame is a sensitive issue.) Do you think sensitive subjects should be exposed publicly or kept quiet? Talk show hosts encourage their guests to talk openly and honestly and they sometimes try to solve their problems. (Here you could introduce that it is very comforting to be able to tell a person everything and not be judged and be accepted and loved and that is how you feel about Jesus Christ. He is much different than a talk show host who can’t solve or fix our hearts. Also Jesus Christ experienced much suffering and can identify with our problems and temptations and yet never sinned.)

Have you ever wanted to be an actress? Why or why not? Do you know any actress or actor? In some ways we are all actresses. We cover up our true selves. We don’t want people to see what we are really like. We often have a public face and a private face. We can fool people but God knows everything about us clearly. How do you feel about God knowing everything - all the good and all the bad – about us? Does that scare you? Did you know that God loves bad people – not just good people?

(You could offer her a dvd on the life of Jesus Christ – listed under Suggested Resources in this blog. She could also watch it on-line. Be prepared for the fact that some Muslims consider seeing an image of a prophet as forbidden. If she objects strongly accept her hesitancy. She may be more open later. If she seems open you could suggest an evangelistic website in her language – also listed on this blog.)