Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Which woman has had a great influence in your life? What difference did she make in your life? (Perhaps you can start with sharing about some woman’s influence in your life.)

What woman is famous in your country? Do you think your country could ever have a woman president?

Do you think women have much power or influence? Explain. How do you think women should use their power or influence? (Share about Mother Theresa)

Do women in your country have equal rights and opportunities as men? Is it acceptable for women to work outside the home? If they work outside the home, do the husbands help with housework or caring of children?

Do you know what a battered woman is? Explain. Talk about women’s shelters in the West and laws to protect women from abuse. Is there a 911 emergency phone number in your country to call if a woman is in danger?

Talk about unmarried women, divorced women, widows, single moms or barren women and how they are viewed and treated in both of your countries.

Share about differences between women in the East and women in the West.

Do you enjoy being a woman? Why do you think God created you?

You could talk about the story of HAjar(Hagar) and Ishmael and how God saw them in the wilderness and cared for them. HAjar is considered the mother of the Arabs. Ask her if you could read the story about them from the Bible. (Genesis 21: 8-21) God loves women as much as He loves men. God loves you and cares about what is happening to you.