Thursday, May 6, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Do you like birds a lot? Have you ever had birds as pets? What kind? Did you give your bird a name? How do you say ‘bird’ in your language?

You could take a book or a calendar of birds that shows different kinds of birds: eagle, hawk. hummingbird, parakeet, dove, robin, owl, crow, parrot, woodpecker, pigeon, lark, sparrow, etc. Converse about them. Describe the sounds that birds make: hum, coo, caw, whistle, chirp, chatter, etc. What sound do they make in your language?

Go over some idioms about bird features:
He eats like a bird. She follows him around like a hawk. She’s as helpless as a little bird. I’m as happy as a lark. She chatters like a parrot. They are like two love birds. He’ll soar like an eagle. He’s as proud as a peacock. I feel as free as a bird.

We can learn a lot about human nature from watching birds(fighting, singing, mothering, fathering, protection). It’s amazing how birds can bring cheer and comfort.

At the back of my book "Woman to Woman, Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend" is an Appendix called, "The King's Gift", which is about a bird who doesn't want to leave her familiar cage. She prefers security to freedom. Tell your friend the story and see if she can understand the symbolism.

Our holy Book says a lot about birds. The dove is symbolic of God’s Spirit. Discuss what that could mean. You could also offer to read Matthew 6: 25-27 about how God cares about birds and us. God cares about your needs. He knows what you need. Or you might like to share the story of the prophet Elijah (nabi Elias, pronounced na-bee el-ee-As) who was fed by the ravens in I Kings 17.