Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

When is your birthday? Did your mother ever tell you much about your birth? Were you born in a hospital or at home? Do the elderly in your country all know their birth date?

Did you grow up having birthday parties? Why or why not? Did you receive birthday presents? What was the most special birthday present you ever received? Does everyone have his/her birthday celebrated in your country or just little children? How do you say “Happy Birthday” in your language? Do you have a Happy Birthday song you sing? Could you sing it for me? If she hasn’t heard it in English you could sing “Happy Birthday” to her. Is there a special number of birthday(like the 50th) that is very significant in your culture? Why is that?

Some people study horoscopes and the zodiac signs. People sometimes want to know another person’s month, day and year she was born before trusting her to be a good friend or even a potential marriage partner. Is it common in your country? Why do you think people do that?

Have you ever wondered why God created you? When a woman in your country gives birth to a son is there sometimes more happiness and celebration than when a daughter is born? Why would that be?

Do you have a birth certificate that records the actual day you were born? Did you know we can be born two times? The first time is our physical birth. May I read/tell you about a conversation Isa al Masih had with a religious leader? Isa al Masih told him about the second time a person can be born. John 3: 1-10. This is about a spiritual birth day. Did you understand that story? What do you think it meant? (You could explain when your spiritual birth day is and how it happened). No one is born a Christian/follower of Isa al Masih, even if a mother or father say they are Christians/followers of Isa al Masih. It was a personal decision for me when I understood and then I decided to follow Isa al Masih. No one can do that when she is a baby. Then my name(say your name)was recorded in God’s Book of Life. Your name(say her name) can be, too. That is my spiritual birth certificate. (You may be asked about re-incarnation).