Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

I have never seen your city/town in your country. Please describe to me what your city looks like.
Skyscrapers, big villa homes, large malls, big population, numerous hospitals, libraries, fire stations, universities, large freeways, open food markets, etc?

Please help me to picture your home where you came from. Maybe you could draw a layout of your home on a piece of paper for me so I can visualize it better.
Wood frame or from cement
Types of windows/shutters, screened - drapes
Basement or attic
Bathroom facilities and kitchen layout and laundry facilities
Carpeted or cement/tile flooring
Wall papered or painted
Size of house – how many rooms
Gardens/ fruit trees
Fenced in or a courtyard

Wow – that sounds like a real earthly paradise! It is interesting to hear you describe your city and your house. It sounds so different from my city and house. Would you like to hear a description of heaven or paradise(jannah/jannat/firdaws)? But first I’d like to hear a description of heaven from the Qur’an. What does it say heaven/paradise will be like? Would you like to hear how the Bible describes heaven? (Wait for permission). You could have her read Revelation 21(or parts of it) from a Bible in her language.