Saturday, May 1, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Do you use cosmetics all the time or just for a special event? At what age did you start to wear make-up?

Discuss the different cosmetics women use:
Mascara, eye shadow, rouge, eyebrow pencil/liner, lipstick, foundation, etc.

Why do women use cosmetics?
To look beautiful, younger, protect skin from sun, cover up wrinkles, etc.

Do you think cosmetics make a person more beautiful? Are they expensive in your country? Are they imported?

What do you think of cosmetic surgery? Is it common in your country? What do women most want to change?

Who do you consider to be the most beautiful woman in the world? Do you consider yourself beautiful? Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful?

If some Muslims exclaim that your new born baby is beautiful, why would you say “masha’Allah”?

Discuss outer beauty versus inner beauty.

Share the story of Queen Esther and all her beauty treatments. Also talk about her inner beauty and strength.

Do religious, practicing Muslim women(or a lady that teaches the Qur’an) wear make-up? Why/why not? Do women wear make-up when they say their prayers?

Do you think God is beautiful? In what way?