Monday, April 5, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Discuss what a servant is. Did you have any servants in your home when you were growing up? How many? What kind of work did they do? Did you have a servant before you came to our country? Was he/she from your own people or another country? Why do people hire servants in your country? Do you miss having a servant here in the West? If you could have a servant here what would you like the servant to do for you?

When you look for a servant back home, what qualities of character do you look for in hiring such a person?
Strong – trustworthy – clean – caring – healthy – faithful – obedient – submissive – humble – teachable – dependable – willing to do anything.

Would you like to be a servant? Why or why not? Why don’t people want to be servants? Do you think a servant can be great?

Discuss the importance of being humble: what it means and how humility is shown. (She might know the word ‘hA-leem’)

It’s hard to imagine a leader being a servant. Jesus Christ(Isa Al Masih) was a great prophet. He also thought of himself and served mankind like a servant(not just Messenger) of God. In our holy book it says the greatest person in the world should be like a servant. Discuss what that could mean. Would you like to hear an amazing story how Jesus Christ showed humility like a servant? (You could read or have her read John 13: 1-17)