Saturday, April 3, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

How much sleep do you need? If you don’t get enough, how do you feel? Do you nap? What time do people usually go to bed and get up in your country? Do you like to sleep with the lights on or off? Does the dark bother you? Discuss insomnia, sleeping pills, etc.

Does your culture permit children to sleep with their parents? Until how old? Is it normal to let a baby sleep alone in a crib in a separate room?

Have you ever had a nightmare? Describe a nightmare to me. Children often have nightmares. What are children usually afraid of in their nightmares? How do you help them go back to sleep? Do you feel that nightmares are from Allah?

Do you dream often? Can you tell me about any dream you have had? Do people believe alot in their dreams in your culture? If you dream about certain things, such as color of clothes or losing teeth, are there any beliefs about that?

Have you ever seen Isa Al Masih(Jesus Christ) in your dreams? (You can share how many Muslims are having dreams about Jesus.)

Share about some people who had dreams in the Bible such as: Yusuf(OT Joseph), Yaqoub(Jacob), DanyAl(Daniel), Yusuf(Maryam’s husband in NT) and Yuhannah(John in Revelation).