Saturday, April 3, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Has it been stressful adjusting to living in our country? What have you found stressful? How about for your husband? Your children? Do you feel that you were prepared for all these new things before you arrived here? What did you expect? (If you have lived in another country share what you found stressful).

How do you feel when you experience stress? How do you manage the stress level? (Share about the same and give her some possible practical ideas of how she can manage stress).

Do you think it’s possible to have no stress in this life? Do you think people lived less stressful lives fifty years ago than today? What do you think are the most stressful jobs? Least stressful?

Sometimes our stress load makes us very tired. You could offer to read Matthew 11: 28-29 to her or have her read it. (Share how ‘coming to Jesus’ has given you rest from some particular burden. Explain what it means to ‘come to Jesus’). Jesus cares about what you are going through.