Saturday, April 3, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Do you know how to swim? How did you learn? Where did you learn? (Share how you learned how to swim and if there is any swimming athelete in your family line).

Or - Would you like to learn how to swim? (If she’s afraid to learn try to discover what she is afraid of.) Do you think everyone should learn how to swim? Why or why not? Have you ever known anyone who drowned? Talk about the different reasons people drown. Discuss life jackets, flotation devices, inner tubes, life guards, water boundary rope lines sectioned off, undercurrents, beach warning signs(sometimes not understood by newcomers), etc.

Do you like going to the beach or lake? What do you like? What don’t you like?
Do your husband and children like to go to the beach?
You can check out Islamic swimsuits on . Do you wear a burkini or veilkini?

Sometimes in our cities in the West there are public swimming pools which have time slots reserved only for women. Do you ever go to those times? Would you like to?

May I tell you a true story from the Injeel about some men who were afraid they were going to drown but something amazing happened so they didn’t? Read or share Luke 8: 22-25. Now perhaps you could try telling me that same story. You can tell it back to me in English or in your language.(Afterwards praise them for the beauty of being able to hear their language). Who saved them from drowning? What did He do? What happened? How could He do that? What did He ask them? What do you think Isa al Masih was trying to teach them? Sometimes we feel like we are going to drown in a different way. Maybe you feel you are going to drown with your big family problem or you just can’t get ahead financially or the government will refuse you permission to stay in this country and you don’t know where you will go. Some Muslim women feel like they will drown with shame if they don’t have a baby. Or drown in grief when a mother dies. Do you believe that Isa al Masih could help you? Have you ever asked him for help? Isa al Masih has the power over everything – even wind and waves. (If she shares like she’s drowning with something why not ask if you could pray for her? If you have never done that, I would suggest you explain that you always pray to God about your problems, using the name of Isa al Masih. You will need to explain you mean pray right now with her. If she agrees then just go ahead. She won’t entirely know what you mean so forge ahead. You can lift your hands, palms open, and then pray something like:

“Dear God in heaven, I am asking that you will help ______with her big problem. She doesn’t know what to do. Only You can help her. You love ______ and want to help her. You are the God who does all miracles. I ask this in the name of Isa al Masih, Ameen.” She may sit there awhile, looking dazed and touched. Don’t say anything but let her absorb what just happened. Afterwards give her a hug or lay a gentle hand on her and say, “____, I love you and so does God.” (For ladies ministering to ladies only)