Friday, October 29, 2010


“…We have seen the hand of God at work today.” Luke 7: 16b

Iman was in a bad situation. Her doctor told her not to get pregnant again because she had a serious health condition which could jeopardize her life. But she did get pregnant. When I visited Iman, who is a devout practicing Muslim, she unloaded her fears to me. She wanted me to pray for her. So, I did. My prayer sounded rather feeble. She must have thought so, too, since she asked me to pray a second time. “This time put your hand on my abdomen,” she urged. Wow! She really is expecting a miracle, I thought. It seemed like Iman had more faith than me. I placed my hand on her abdomen and ventured a more confident authoritative prayer in the name of Jesus. I felt embarrassed and ashamed that I was asked to pray a second time. This time she wanted me to pray seriously for a miracle. I didn’t hear back from her for a few months. Then I got another call to come to the hospital. She wanted prayer again. It didn’t sound very hopeful at all that she would be able to keep her baby. Her health was progressively getting worse. But I complied and prayed. God was stretching my faith. Not long afterwards I received the good news that mother and baby were both fine. It dawned on me that Iman was not actually expecting anything from me per se, but from the power and authority that is in the name of Isa al Masih.

Sometimes I feel that we who are in Muslim ministry are the most privileged of all people. God puts us with people of another faith who are experiencing impossible desperate situations. We rarely pray for miracles because we don’t hear much preaching about miracles or maybe have never even witnessed a miracle in our own lives. We can settle down into living a natural life. Then suddenly Muslims call on us to pray. They need supernatural intervention. Perhaps our theology scurries about trying to figure out what to do or say. We want to make sure our theology stays intact – that we don’t go off the deep end. In the meantime, the Holy Spirit is prodding us to go into deeper water and trust Him for more. And then, lo and behold, we find out that it didn’t have much to do with us or our theology but about the power and authority in the name of Jesus.

Muslim ministry can be exhilarating. It never fails to amaze me that Muslims call on Christians for prayer. I am so proud of my Savior. I love to exalt Him. I love to cry out to Him on behalf of these precious women. I love to wait in expectancy to see what God will do. I’m like a little child who dances with glee when she opens a gift. I have discovered the greatest miracle of all - a miracle working God!

Dear heavenly Father, I’m filled with wonder and awe at seeing You work! In Jesus’ name, Amen.