Friday, November 5, 2010

Fountain of Life

“For You are the fountain of life, the light by which we see.” Psalm 36:9

Hand in hand, Ed and I visited Buckingham Fountain in Chicago frequently during our courtship. It was so romantic seeing the soft pink and purple colored lights in the midst of the full ascending spray. I’m sure if you would have looked closely you would have seen stars in my eyes shining and sparkling brightly. Ever since those days whenever I see a fountain I associate it with love and affection. It’s not a wonder that God is referred to as the fountain of life, the light by which we see. He is ready to shower His Presence and goodness upon us. The only problem is that sometimes I get attracted to substitute fountains. After dad died I missed him so much. I found someone else to take his place – at least I thought he could take his place, but I was sorely disappointed and deceived. I drank from a substitute fountain. I was 'blind'. Then one day, I came to my senses and saw my substitute fountain could only partially satisfy my thirst for parental love and security. I could see how blind I had been. I came back to my real Fountain and drank and drank. I was not disappointed. To the contrary I was delightfully surprised. Oh…what pure water to the soul! I never knew how sweet and satisfying and healing Jesus could be.

I sat on the floor in one corner of the tiny living room with Sima, all covered with her hijab and abaya, while a few yards away our husbands sat in another corner. In between us all was a computer. Actually they have two computers. One to stay in touch with Sima’s family and one to stay in touch with her husband’s family. They are hooked up with web cameras which are left on 24/7 so that no sound or movement will be missed between both of their families in Saudi Arabia and them in the West. They can see each other working in their respective kitchens or moving around in their living rooms. Homesickness and a deep longing for the love and affection of their parents far away keep them ever close by to the camera. What will happen when family is taken from her? I desperately want to help Sima discover there is another Fountain she can drink from which will satisfy her thirst for security and love. She can enjoy an everlasting heavenly Father who will never leave her or forsake her. My heart aches for Muslim women like Sima. I wait for her to become thirsty to drink from that sweet Fountain of Life. She won't believe what she will see!

Dear heavenly Father, I feel fully alive and satisfied since I discovered You as my fountain of life. Cause my Muslim friends to thirst for You. In Jesus’ name. Amen