Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mystical Muslim Women

Jesus said, "I am the door......"  John 10:9a

Nurturing soul life appeals more to Safia, a beautiful young Iranian woman, than following correct religious behavior and rules. She is often misunderstood and condemned for not following Islamic rules carefully enough. She sheepishly admits that she does not read the Qur’an much. The poetry of Sufi mystics appeal more to her. She is a disciple of a Sufi Master. Safia is not too much into saying her prescribed memorized nimaz five times a day in Arabic either but prefers to talk to God from her heart in her own language. She just wishes that God would talk back and wonders what his voice sounds like. She longs to hear his voice. Mystical chantings are listened to on CDs. When Safia reflects about God she is not afraid and actually feels loved by God. Artsy things, symbolism, icons, and calligraphy attract her a lot.

Safia confesses that she is also attracted to tarot cards, astrology, connecting with spirit guides, engaging in séances and goes to meditation classes. Psychics and hypnotists are in her family line. Dreams are significant to her and a book on interpreting dreams is kept by her pillow to check first thing in the morning when she wakes up. She is fond of movies about the paranormal, although they scare her. Confusion, fear, and undeniable attraction about the spirit world pull at her heart strings. Sometimes she finds she has subtle power and control over others; even her husband!

When Safia met Judy she was spellbound by all the mystical stories she shared about Jesus; turning water into wine, being transfigured on the mountaintop, multiplying the few loaves of bread and fish for a huge crowd, casting out demons, and his miracles of healing just by a touch, knowing people's thoughts and even their secret sins. His teachings on being the bread of life, the vine, the water of life, the door, and the resurrection sounded very mystical. She was profoundly affected by the intriguing story of the Last Supper. Safia was attracted to the book of Revelation. Teaching on the Holy Spirit mystified Safia. Once Safia attended a Christian wedding. The mystery of the teachings on Christian marriage touched her. It became clear to Judy the three years she knew her that Safia loved Christian worship music. This was her favorite part of the church service when she visited. Watching people go up front in church for prayer made the hair on her arms stand up. That was a very mystical experience. She loved it when Judy prayed for her and would often sit dazed after prayer soaking up the wonder of it all.

Of all the mosaic of Muslim women which have been described in the last five posts I enjoy the mystical ones the most. It is delightful knowing some former mystical Muslim women who have found their spiritual search met in Jesus Christ, the biggest Mystery of all.  

Dear heavenly Father, please help my mystical Muslim friend find her Home in Jesus. Amen.