Monday, April 19, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Why do some Muslim women cover their hair and others don't? When do females start covering their hair? What will happen if you don’t cover your hair in public? Will your husband be angry or displeased – or Allah? Will Allah punish you if you don't wear a head covering? (You could ask your friend to let you put on one of her hijabs to see what you would look like). Do you think the head covering would change anything about my character if I wore it? In your opinion do you think Allah would be more pleased with me? (You can share Biblical truth here)

Discuss the different kinds of head coverings and what they look like. (You could go to the website: and look over the different kinds of head scarves).

Different questions about hair:
What color of hair do people have in your country? Do you like blond hair? How about gray or white hair?
Like curly or straight hair?
Can you buy wigs, hair extensions, perms? How about donating cut hair for making wigs for those who have cancer?
Do you use henna or dye?
Do you prefer long or short hair?
Did you ever wear braids, bangs, pony tails, pig tails, French braid, etc?
How often do you shampoo your hair? Do you use oil? What kind?
Do you think hairstyles reveal our character: rebellious, free-spirited, perfectionist, etc.?

Sometimes hair has religious significance. (Share the story of Samson, pronounced Samsoon, – Judges 16. She will be familiar with the story – be dramatic telling the story. She will love this story.)

There is a special ceremony called Aqeeqah in Islam which takes place shortly after birth where hair is cut or shaved. Please tell me the significance of it. (If you google in: Aqeeqah ceremony in Islam - you will get more information.)