Sunday, April 18, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Do you like horses? What do you like about them? Did you grow up among them? Have you ever ridden a horse? Have you ever petted a horse? Does anyone in your family own a horse? (Share your experiences about horses).

Do people go to horse racing games in your country or play polo?

Do the rich people own horses or the poor?

Discuss how horses have been used in the past: postal services, travelling, military purposes, help in farming, etc. Can people ride a horse drawn carriage in your country like taxi service? Do horses get beaten if they go slowly? What do you think about beating a horse?

Perhaps watch a family movie together about horses. Flicka 2 is an excellent movie and teaches some excellent spiritual truths.

Talk about how horses need to be trained and come under submission or they will be wild. You could share how our spirits are rebellious and unbridled until we submit to our Creator. There is a difference between taming out of fear and taming out of love. Do you think being tamed to submit out of fear is the best way? Do you think it's possible for our spirits to be tamed just out of love?