Sunday, May 9, 2010


Here is another post in my Conversation Ideas series.

Is having an abortion in your country legal or illegal? If it is illegal how and where is an abortion performed? What do Muslims think of abortion? Do women sometimes have an abortion if they find out from an ultrasound that they are pregnant with a boy? Girl? Why would that make a difference?

Do you know of anyone who has had an abortion? Was she affected psychologically in any way afterwards? How? Does a woman sometimes carry through a pregnancy and then give her baby up for adoption? How is adoption viewed? If an unmarried girl gets pregnant in your country would her life be at risk? If yes, why is her life at risk? What would happen to her? (Explore the area of honor/shame in the East).

Share about pregnancy counselling services in our country such as Crisis Pregnancy and the services they provide and what kind of women want their services. (You could get some brochures from their organization and go through them with your friend). Do you have any services/brochures like this in your country?

What does your holy book say about having an abortion? What do your clerics say? (If your friend is ready or willing, you could offer to read Psalm 139 or have her read it in her language; especially verses 13-16. You will be surprised what will be shared in this conversation idea).