Friday, June 11, 2010

The River

"...Wherever this water flows, everything will live." Ezekial 47:9b

I see a River in the supernatural realm. It is flowing all over the Muslim world! Are you watching it? Perhaps you are actually in the River. Or maybe you are still waiting to see the River. In some places the River is moving swiftly but most of the time it is gently moving and if you look close the waters are sparkling with the glory of the Spirit of God. Occasionally the River looks muddy but it is moving nonetheless.

The Holy Spirit is making waves these days. Technology has opened the cyber waves to send the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the nations in the world where the presence of outside Christians is not allowed. Even cyber church is going on in the privacy of homes of Muslim seekers and believers of Muslim background. Muslims can download reading or listening to the Bible in their languages(for example in Egyptian Arabic). If they have questions they can ask an expert on or they can chat on-line. Check out the evangelistic websites listed on this blog. Millions of Muslim adults, youth and children from the Middle East, North Africa, Iran, Afghanistian, and Turkey are watching SAT 7 (Christian Satellite Television). And if that isn’t amazing enough then discover how the Spirit is stirring and speaking to Muslims while they are asleep in their dreams. The book, “I Dared To Call Him Father” documents the phenomenon of God revealing Jesus to a Muslim woman through dreams. I once met a renown Muslim woman at an airport. After introducing myself she asked me what brought me to visit that city. I replied, “I will be speaking at a conference.” “What about?” she asked inquisitively. “About how Muslims are seeing Isa Al Masih in dreams.” There was no argument or debate. What can one say to such mysterious working of God? Internet, satellite television, dreams, and books are all very exciting means of getting the River of God to move across the globe. But wait, there’s more. There’s YOU ministering to a Muslim woman in Chicago or London. No one sees you except God. You love Fatma and pray for her and patiently try to explain new truths to her. One day the lightbulb turns on in Fatma’s awakened soul. She understands and gives her life to Jesus. A new mysterious River starts moving through her and it flows on to Zahra…and Maryam….and Aisha. We Christian women are becoming aware of the opportunity to reach Muslim women with the Gospel. Now we are starting to run with the vision. It’s a marathon for sure but with perseverance and anointing from the Holy Spirit we will run the race right to the finish line. We will take precious Muslim women across the River with us.

There is no limit to what God is doing. We have the privilege to live in the midst of this exciting time in history. No one can stop the River or dam it up. Some try to but it’s impossible. No one can control the Holy Spirit. He is untameable. Yes!

Dear heavenly Father, I am no longer content to hear of or watch your River. Take me into your rushing River. In Jesus’ name. Amen.